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Quest Academy endeavors to operate according to Christian principles, but not any specific church or denomination. We are not a religious organization. We have no "statement of faith" or other doctrinal agreements that we require members to sign. We do accept the example of Christ as our standard of conduct, and try in our falible way to reflect His image. Students and parents at Quest Academy conduct themselves according to this standard as much as possible. Basically, we treat each other as we would like to be treated, and try to do nothing that does not honor God. Anyone who contributes to our vision and is respectful of the beliefs of others is welcome!

Our vision at Quest Academy is to provide the home educating family a resource that goes beyond a "drop-off place" for enrichment classes. At Quest Academy, parents find a niche that matches their strengths where they can serve. Some teach classes. Others serve in administrative roles. Some co-ordinate lunches, cleanup, or any number of other areas. By keeping a good mix of skill sets among members, Quest Academy is able to make sure everyone can be involved but not overwhelmed.

Also, we endeavor to provide a relaxed atmosphere balanced with a strong expectation of well-behaved, respectful attitudes. Attending Quest Academy is a positive experience, because students behave themselves and parents participate. We "don't stress the small stuff" and stay focused on the goal: well-rounded, relevant education and enrichment activities for everyone involved. We attempt to take the best from traditional public school educational experience and combine it with the advantages of home educating.

Finally, it is our goal to serve our member families through association. The decision to home educate is one of the most important decisions a family makes. We recognize that it is not for everyone, and even if it is right for a particular family, it can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Quest Academy is commited to supporting its members emotionally also. The home educating experience is much easier when you know you are not alone, even if our styles are different from each other.

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Today's new friend is tomorrows's family.

Quest Academy is a co-operative. Without the help of all the members, Quest wouldn't exist. Here are some things that members do that keep things running smoothly.



Honor commitment. Both yours and everyone else's. Do what you say you will do. Students, do your homework (if your instructor assigns any). Parents, arrive prepared to do what you do at the co-op. Ask if you need help. Make arrangements if possible for times when you can't be there. Each mom (or dad) is expected to serve in some area for two hours during Co-op. The rest of the time, you are free to do anything you want, even run errands, etc. as long as we have a cell number to contact you with.

If you cannot stay for two hours on Tuesdays we can find you another way to serve or you can pay an extra fee for someone else to cover your shift.



Keep a good attitude. Life throws all kinds of challenges at all of us. Some are within our control, and some aren't. God doesn't assure us control over our circumstances, but He does give us control over one thing: our attitudes. Our members are here to support each other when and where we can. Keeping a positive attitude helps us to see possibilities, and therefore solutions. We at Quest like to be solution oriented. Plus, let's face it: it makes us want to be around each other!



Pay all fees on time, or make an arrangement. Late fees may apply if you don't make prior payment arrangments. As home educators, we all know that money is tighter in our homes than most traditional families with two breadwinners. That is why we keep fees as low as we do. We believe anyone who wants to can afford the fees for Quest Academy, but if life throws you one of those curveballs we talked about earlier, call Patty and let her know. She might be able to work something out. Each family pays a fee of $70 for the first child and $10 per month for each additional sibling. This does include lunch for the kids and one parent. This pays for the rent, lunches, copies, art supplies, etc. Also, each family pays a one time annual fee of $75 at registration to cover liability insurance and cleaning supplies, etc and $25 in Feb for restocking of supplies, copy paper, and special events like the parent/teacher luncheon and field day. Prices may go up at some point, if so, it will only be a slight increase. We have to factor in rising costs of food and other expenses and periodically readjust.

*** Quest also has a drop off option. Of course the monthly fees will be higher but still affordable and comparable or even cheaper than other drop off co-ops. The monthly fee for one child will be $150, each additional child will be $75. This includes 6 classes if your student is in high school and 5 classes if your student is in PreK-8th grade. ***



Be prepared for honest, constructive criticism concerning your child's conduct and academic effort if needed. Report cards are issued each semester and grading policies are specific to each instructor. No "auditing" of classes is allowed. All students will receive a grade and conduct score for each period. If you do not intend to "count" a class officially, that is your business, but all students will be expected to participate to the best of their ability and will be graded accordingly. Remember, instructors put a lot of time and effort into the classes they teach. We honor them with our commitment to doing our part. We expect children to be well behaved and respectful. We don’t expect robots or anything, just kids who respect themselves, other kids, and adults enough to act appropriately. Conduct that hurts, or excessively offends others will not be tolerated.



Be flexible. Quest Academy members are a diverse group of people. We all home educate for different reasons, and have different priorities. We try to honor everyone's needs and opinions, but inevitably fall short. Sometimes decisions need to be made that bring the best result to the most people. When a decision is considered or made that you disagree with, please talk to Patty about it, but remember that ultimately, you can't please all the people all the time. We promise to try to do the best we can to provide a great environment. Be flexible as we adapt to the needs of the co-op.

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